Monday 23 February 2015

Harry Potter #re3 2015 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret

Why hello again! Welcome back to me trying to read all seven Harry Potter books within one year. Today, in the second month of this year, I have read (and am typing up) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

My reactions now I have reread this book? I forgot how much I dislike this book within this series. And I mean, really dislike it.

I just forgot how much I cringe when reading Chamber. The first few chapters I just powered through because, while I love Dobby, I just find it hard to read. And then we have Lockhart - the slime known as Lockhart. Every time he appeared, I just wanted to shudder. I forgot/blocked his Valentine's Day plans and when I remembered, I recoiled from the book, going "NONONONO!"

Change the blog post before I said to rant and rave! 

What I found really interesting was that this is (according to the Ring Theory - a theory where each book reflects another [Philosopher's Stone reflects Deathly Hallows, Chamber of Secrets reflects Half Blood Prince, Prisoner of Azkaban reflects Order of the Phoenix, leaving Goblet of Fire standing alone) how the clues hinted at the information we discover in Half Blood Prince. For example, in an early chapter, the mention of an opal necklace and a vanishing cabinet was mentioned (and the vanishing cabinet was mention again in a latter chapter by Flinch several chapters later [chapter 10 or 11]) , both of these are hugely important to Half Blood Prince

There is two other points of huge interest. On page 253 of the edition I read, there's a line that says "Harry couldn't explain, even to himself, why he didn't just throw Riddle's diary away." and then on page 357, Dumbledore says to Harry "Unless I am mistaken, he [Voldermort] transferred some of his powers to you the night he gave you that scar." HOROCRUX ALERT!!! DUMBLEDORE KNEW HERE! I guessed he suspected in Philosopher's Stone when Harry asked him at the final chapter, but we know from this little line that Dumbledore knew for certain here. 

Before I go away and figure out when I am going to read my fave Harry Potter book, Prisoner of Azkaban, can I ask you guys a quick question. Can someone explain why Hermione, a huge book lover, tore a page out of a book then wrote the word Pipes on it? She tore a page out of the book, defacing the book, and then wrote on the page, defacing the page. Why didn't she take the book out of the library and bookmark the page with a piece of parchment with the word pipes? Was Hermione just rushing, or was she acting justly, even though (in my honest opinion), this is the book where Hermione acts the most out of character for lack of reason?

Ok, blog post over. I will leave you now. 2 books down, 5 to go and the next book is my fave in the series!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! 

PS - sorry there's no cover of which Harry Potter cover I read. For some reason, Blogger didn't want to show it. Sorry everyone!!! 

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