Saturday 14 February 2015

What Did I Miss On My Week Break...?

I have been a tad quiet over the past few days on the wonderful/scary thing we call the Internet. Well, here's the thing. I went away for a few days with my family. So I had to leave my laptop behind. And with that, my blog...

But I thought I could be ok. I thought I could chat to you guys via Twitter briefly. I mean, I did decide that I would call these next few days my "Techno-Free Holiday", but then I discovered that the wifi was bad/awful, and, sod'slaw, this is when I realise I need the Internet. And the idea of talking to my family was... well... 

KIDDING, FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ACTUALLY READ MY BLOG! KIDDING!!! I had a wonderful time with my family and it was nice not to worry about my "real life" job and real life in general. And while I had a lovely time with family and swum and had fun, I read. I finished off one book, read 2 eNovellas (I think) and am about 3 quarters of another book (which Stevie from SableCaught reacted by leaving a comment on my Goodreads, saying "OMG IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!" [she was with me when I bought this book... around 2 years or so ago]) and NONE of them have had me reacting like this:

I KNOW! Am shocked myself! The reviews of these will be coming in the nextish future as... well... one of them is linked to a planned themed-month. 

And what happens when I was away, I discover that I'm ON THE SHORTLIST FOR TWO CATEGORIES IN THE UKYA BLOGGER AWARDS 2015! 

No, wait, I lie... three categories. THREE CATEGORIES?!!?!?! 

There has to be a mistake. Three - three - really, three?! Plus the public vote of the "Vote for the blogger who has been most active in the UKYA blogging community" and the other UKYA Book Blogger Awards nominations as well... I need a lie down...

I mean... wow. Just... wow. Again. I know I wrote a tiny GIF-filled blog post about this on the blog a few weeks ago but -

Thank you. Now, I was going to say "VOTE!" but seeing as I have plans to write a blog post about the general elections in the near future so, I won't. I better get those reviews up! 

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