Friday, 3 June 2016

Big Ass eBook TBR

Continuing on from yesterday's Big Ass Physical Book TBR (or just Big Ass Books), here are 6/7 eBooks that are over 550 pages long and make me mentally think "How on earth am I going to read them?!".

So, let's get started on those TBR eBooks that scare me a little due to their length! And would you believe it, I can only find 4. FOUR (five if I wanna push my luck - which I am including)! It seems I use my kindle a lot more for buy eBooks when there is a sale on! But, I have found a few that fit my Big Ass Book so, let's get started!

BITTERBLUE by Kristin Cashore
I got the entire trilogy on sale and it's one of those trilogies that I always want to read, but never find the time. Plus, with buying books on my kindle, I kinda forget I have them. This just hits the Big Ass Book category with 576 pages, but from what I hear, this trilogy is one I need to read as am a fantasy fan! But, maybe I should start with Graceling or Fire first and leave this one till last...

I have always been a fan of Jodi Picoult, though I have never read her books. I admire her because she write books that tackle subject matter that most books would flinch away from, and yet, she writes them in a way that you go "That's different". Out of all her books, Nineteen Minutes is the one I always have my eye on. its 660-odd pages tackles a high school shooting and the fall out of it. And I've been holding off because I need to brace myself. But this is the year I want to read her. Not only am I planning on reading this, but I am planning to read her latest, Small Great Things, when it comes out in November so brace yourselves in the latter months of the year... you have been warned...

OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon
I haven't watched the TV series. I tried to watch the first episode, but I couldn't get past the first half an hour. But I keep hearing from people who have read the book (and who I trust) that I will really enjoy the book so, when I saw it on sale for 99p, I had to. I HAD TO. And with these people saying I will fly through this, I think this might be a challenging read. But a read I would like to attempt before the year is out...

THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt
Ok, am going to admit this. I'm not exactly sure why I bought this. I have read The Little Friend by Donna Tartt many MANY years ago and was 50/50 over my reaction. I didn't love/hate the book. It's was just... ok. And I have tried to read The Secret History (on the promise that I would love due to my obsession with the TV show, How To Get Away with Murder), but I just found the book dull. So why I have this is anyone's guess? I just want to try again with Donna as I think this could be the book that changes my mind on her... we shall see...

Ok, I'm cheating here. I know this, I accept this. But I got this in one HUGE eBook collection and because of a mistake Amazon made, I preordered and bought this for a under £2. BARGAIN!!! I remember reading one of the Chrestomanci books YEARS ago (Witch Week, maybe...?) but I think this is a series I would have loved if I discovered it when I was much younger... so, why not try and reclaim my youth? I might surprise myself!

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