Thursday, 30 June 2016

South Bank YA Book Club - The August Read Vote

With just over a week to go before I have to sit in front of a room of people and chat/discuss I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson (which I am thoroughly enjoying, you guys! Can't wait to get over my nerves and chat to those of you who are coming and then discuss in review blog post and maybe Bookish Brits video!), Rachel from the South Bank Centre just popped me an email, announcing that the vote for what I will be reading/discussing in August YA Book Club on 20th August is up and running!

Now, as these YA Book Clubs are in connection with South Bank's Festival of Love so love is important. August's theme is "Love This Town". Interesting theme and with the three books up for the vote, they might intrigue and surprise you.

So, onto the choices for August's read! Your choices are...

I warned you these choices might surprise you. I love them, myself (and before you ask, I know for a fact these were chosen before Brexit so there is nothing political about these choices!) 

Now, the 20th August is a bit away so I don't have time to panic as of yet, but I wanted you guys to now the choices and to start voting (or scaring the authors of Twitter/Facebook, going "Have you seen what's happening with your book!?")

If you want to vote, click on and vote! Not sure how long this vote is going to last for so VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! 

Like with I'll Give You The Sun, once 20th August has come and gone, I will be discussing/reviewing the winning book on my blog and, hopefully, on Bookish Brits so if you can't come to the event, you know I will be talking about the winning read! 

Wanna know more info about the YA Book Club, or wanna grab a ticket for either 9th July or 20th August, go to or follow South Bank Centre on Twitter (@southbankcentre) or follow the hashtag #FestivalOfLove

Anyway, off to finish I'll Give You The Sun and see you next weekend! Hopefully smiling and not crying in the corner... 

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