Wednesday 22 June 2016

Let's Talk Tomorrow...

You might be aware that tomorrow is an important day for the UK. Now, I want to touch on this super quickly but am not going to be boring and tell you who the vote for.

Also, if you are too young to vote or not a UK citizen, you don't need to read this. Carry on as you are.

Ok, let's talk. About this EU referendum. Now, I know some of you are confused on this and I fear some of you are reading this, saying "Tell me who to vote for?" and I won't do that. I am not going to force my opinions on you.

However, to those of you who can vote and decide not to vote, this is where I kinda want to talk. So, bear with me.

As you guys are fully aware, I am very suspicious over the government and politics in general. I actually wrote a blog post about my fears prior to the General Election last year (you can read that here! Or, if you don't want to read that, my blog post of sex education [probably one of my favourite/hair-pulling blog post I have ever written/researched] might be more up your street). But in that post, I said I know how lucky I am to vote.

This is something I am going to repeat. I know how lucky I am to vote on this. Hell, I am lucky to have a vote, period. I know that in some countries, people can't vote because of their gender, their sexual preference, their government isn't a government but is either a dictatorship, beyond corrupt or the government doesn't care about the suffering of their own people. I get this. I do. I don't want people to think I don't understand how lucky and privileged I am to vote.

But I also know how most of you feel. You feel like your voices aren't being heard. That some politicians - some, not all - aren't listening to us.

That is why us voting is important. This is our voice. This is our chance to be heard.

Now, here's is my problem. I am scared that this vote, this decision, will have long term repercussions. If we remain in or vote out, there will repercussions for all of us. Not for us now, but for future generations.

To those of you who aren't going to vote - which is your decision and your right to do so - I would say please reconsider. This is such an important vote - probably more important than last year's general elections - that not voting is a very risky move. Do you really want someone else deciding not only your future but the future of your country?

If you decide to still not vote, can I ask you one small favour? If you decide not to vote, can you please then not moan/whine/have a tantrum over the decision in the coming weeks/months/years/etc? You didn't vote, therefore you don't have the right to complain about the decision made.

Sorry for this blog post. I just want to get this out of my system as... well... I'm a little apprehensive of what's to come.

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