Thursday 23 June 2016

Books/Series I Should Reread...

Seeing as I am in a bit of a blogging blitz, I thought writing a blog about books and series I would love to reread one day...

Like I said in my "Books I Really Should Start..." post, I have a ton of books in my TBR pile and on my kindle. But I always have that urge, every now and then, to go back to my favourite reads. Plus, there are some that I have read once and I want to go back into that world. We all have that feeling, right? Return to a world/characters in a book that we love?

So, I thought I would pick a few and write them up. Maybe, one day, I would actually reread them! You never know... But, am going to pick a few and have them in no order. So, let's get started!

I love Garth Nix and I love this series. Whenever I fear I'm going to fall into a reading slump or I am in a reading slump, I always dive towards Sabriel. I adore that world and the characters. But I reread Sabriel so often, it would be wonderful to actually read the other books. It's been so long - plus, with Goldenhand coming out later this year, it would be great to read something - anything! - before that publication.

THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins
I had ideas to reread Mockingjay to co-inside with the EU referendum. Whether I do or not is anyone's guess (as I am writing this at the beginning of May 2016), but I always kinda wanted to return to this world since I watched the movies. It would be interesting to refresh my memory over what was in the books (as I haven't return to the books since before the first movie came out). I might not want to read the epilogue of Mockingjay (as I have told you a ton of times that I dislike THAT epilogue).

FANGIRL & CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell
I quite liked reading these last year, and it would be nice to read these without the hype/pressure of "It's Rainbow Rowell, therefore I must love it. Or else!". Out of the two, I would prefer to read Carry On. I had such a blast with Carry On so it would be lovely to return to Watford. And it would be interesting to Fangirl as it was a very different kind of book for me...

MIRROR DREAMS by Catherine Webb
This was always my first book of call when I needed a reread when I was a teen (as well as Sabriel), and I haven't read this in quite a while. It's a lazy reason, and with this being out of print (I think it is... Don't hold me to that!), maybe reading this will make me understand why I got obsessed with this book as a teen!

HIS DARK MATERIALS by Philip Pullman
It's been so long since I read this series. I dip in and out of Northern Lights, but I was meant to reread the trilogy last year (but oh, reading slump! How you destroy me!). Or just Subtle Knife. But with the BBC planning to turn this trilogy into a TV series (please don't screw it up, BBC! I trust you, but PLEASE DON'T MESS THIS UP!), maybe it's time to get my hands on my hardbacks and reenter this world of daemons, witches, talking polar bears and the evil Mrs Coulter (one of the most fascinating characters I have ever read)...

This series gets a lot of stick. I have said in the past that, without this series, I don't believe YA would exist so quickly. Twilight gave YA as we know it a good kick up the arse. So, after over ten years, does it stand the test of time? This is why I want to reread this series. Yes, I read Life and Death last year, but it would be cool for me to return to Bella and Edward and read all 4 books (though it will pain me to read Eclipse. But, I will reread New Moon and that [and Twilight] are the my fave of the series)...

As for The Host... well... I think all Stephenie Meyer readers say this is her best book and I agree. Would be great if there was a sequel. But with Stephenie going to be busy with the film adaptation of Anna Dressed in Blood, looks like I will have to do a reread instead...

Of course I'm going to say Harry Potter! Yes, I reread the whole series last year. But I always like reread Potter. I always discover new things when I reread. I would say I would reread Goblet of Fire. And I remember really enjoying The Casual Vacancy. As I haven't watched the BBC adaptation  (seriously! I have no idea how I missed it. It's on my Sky+ box and ready to go!), it would be very cool to read then watch (or visa versa) and compare.

But Potter. Yes. I am going to reread a Potter book in the next 12 months (and I am not including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts textbook or script and Tales of Beedle the Bard...)

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  1. Ahh, the Dark Materials is AMAZING! I would deff put that at the top of your TBR pile. Its a classic!