Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Day In The Life of L.A. Larkin

It's rare I post anything on Sundays, but I would like to welcome L.A. Larkin to the Pewter Wolf! L.A. Larkin is thriller writer who has written Thirst and The Genesis Flaw and her latest, Devour, has just come out.

The first book in the Olivia Wolfe series, it's follows the investigative journalist who's life seems to be always in constant peril. Hunted by enemies from all sides, Olivia must unravel a complex web of lies to uncover a terrifying truth and, soon, she will be forced to make a choice: save one life or the lives of millions. Because something has been contaminating a hidden Antarctic lake and the catastrophe it can cause is beyond words...

Now, before I hand over to L.A. Larkin, I just want to thank her for finding time to write this post for the Devour tour. I know you must be busy. And I always want to thank Leanne for asking if I wanted to be involved. Am always in the mood to discover a new thriller that will keep me on the edge of my seat!

Also, if you want to check L.A. Larkin out online, you can check out her website or check her out on Twitter @lalarkinauthor. Now, over to you, L.A. Larkin!

Thank you for asking me to do a guest post on my writing routine to celebrate the launch of my new thriller, Devour.
When I am not travelling between Sydney and London, which I do quite often, I like to start work on my latest thriller early in the morning. My best writing is just after I have woken up. My mind is clear, uncluttered by my ‘to do’ list or emails that can so easily become a distraction. I usually work from my home-office which has two walls covered in bookshelves. I find it inspiring to be surrounded by my favourite authors. I make myself a cup of tea and write for an hour in my PJ’s. Then I will have breakfast, shower and take the dogs for a walk. On my return, I get back into my writing. Every hour or two I will take a quick break, because after a two-hour stint my concentration begins to wane. 
Being an active person who loves adventure and travel, I like to use my breaks between writing to get some exercise, even if it is walking up the road for a take-away coffee, going to the gym or local swimming pool. I always feel energised afterwards and ready to get back into my work.
When I meet readers, they are often surprised at how much time an author has to spend on the business of writing and on marketing themselves, including social media and updating blogs. I try to keep this activity to after four in the afternoon, but it doesn’t always work out that way. The problem with Facebook (@LALarkinAuthor) and Twitter (@LALarkinAuthor) is that I really enjoy replying to comments and catching up on what friends and readers are doing.
When I have a new thriller about to be released, I am asked to write articles, respond to Q&As, or write guest blog posts, all of which I love doing. For the launch of Devour this included a feature on Antarctica in National Geographic Traveller because Antarctica is one of the key settings in the book, a short story in My Weekly, a feature in The Scotsman Magazine, The Big Issue and many crime fiction focused media like Shots and Crime Time
Sometimes I also work in the evenings because, when I am in Sydney and have to speak to my London-based publisher (Constable) or my literary agent, the best time for us to talk is at eight in the evening Sydney-time. But this is always a fun experience, and because it is the end of my day I can enjoy a glass of wine at the same time!

L.A. Larkin’s thriller, Devour, is published by Constable at the end of January 2017. Peter James says Devour ‘delivers action and intrigue in spades,’ and Culturefly says ‘If you are only going to read one novel in 2017, I suggest you make it Devour.’

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