Wednesday, 25 January 2017

eBook Review - What I Know For Sure

This is a bit of a weird review to write. Normally, I would read a book/ebook/audiobook and, within 48 hours, I would have the review written and scheduled within the coming few weeks. But with this, it's been a busy few days that I have been a bit behind on writing blog posts. So, bear with me...

In this collection of articles Oprah wrote for O: The Oprah Magazine (Oprah has a magazine!?), Oprah writes articles, trying to answer one question: what does she know for sure?

Now, I have mixed feelings about this. I like Oprah. I respect her. And some of the articles she wrote I find really insightful. A few of them I read and I went "That makes sense."

However, there were times, for me, this felt a little preachy and a little heavy-handed. There was a few things I got a little annoyed over religion - she never referenced it outright, but whenever Oprah mentioned "the Creator", I felt uncomfortable. I didn't like the idea of religion being touched upon in a self-held style book. Also, there was one section when I started reading, but I had to skip as I found it a struggle and, if I didn't, I wondered if I would have finished this or not...

If you are a fan of Oprah, you will love this. If you are a fan of her articles within O Magazine, you will enjoy this as this is a collection of her best essays. But some of you might find it a bit heavy-handed on certain themes and ideas.

Sorry for the shortness of the review. This is why, for me, making notes and writing these reviews quickly are so important. I can schedule them whenever but I need to write them quickly. Because of this shortness, please have this gif.

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