Friday, 13 January 2017

Kindle Samples - Another Sneak Peek

I did this last year (link for that is here!) and I actually liked doing it. It made me actually read the sample I downloaded onto my Kindle iPhone App. So, let me show you some of the samples I downloaded onto my phone and talk to you on why I downloaded and, hopefully, I will read them and, hopefully, buy them or get them out of my library.

So, show and tell time!

WINTER ROSE by Patricia A. McKillip
I discovered this randomly on a podcast I just started listening to called Read This ****ing Book! (Link to the episode in question is here!). I have never heard of this and it sounded up my street. A fairy tale-type story but written in a dream like way. And from what I heard on the podcast, I am going to enjoy the way it messes with fairy-tales.

BAD BOY by Elliot Wake
Randomly discovered this author on Twitter and checked this out. It sounds really intrigued and, at the same time, messed up in a way that I like. A trans vlog star who, at night, is part of a secret social justice vigilante group? SOLD! There's more that makes me intrigued over this book but let me leave you with that titbit...

THE RUBY IN THE SMOKE by Philip Pullman
In one of the Christmas episodes this year, the podcast Adventures with Words did a Xmas special that took place over two episodes (Episode one is here and episode two is here, FYI). On one of the episodes (not sure which one), one of the guest hosts said that he was rereading His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman and wished more people would read his other series, the Sally Lockhart Mysteries. And I haven't read this other series. I know of them but never found time to get round to them. So, downloaded to see if I would like and a reminder to get copy of book once I have finished my His Dark Materials trilogy reread...

GUILTY PLEASURES by Laurell K. Hamilton
Ok, I really dislike the covers for this series. But I keep hearing people on BookTube (aka YouTube) talking about this and am intrigued over it. It's urban fantasy and most people's first book in this genre so am intrigued on why people like this series so much. I sense it's got a Sookie Stackhouse but has a bit more edge vibe to it. But I don't think I would have the patience to read the whole series (it's 25 books so far and, from people's reaction, it should have stopped around the tenth book mark). But am intrigued, but I bet it's very 90s...

BAKED FRESH by Annabeth Albert
A little out of my comfort zone (but I want to be braver on my reading this year) but I randomly requested then read a Christmas novella by the same author (Wrapped Together - review for that is here) and I was curious on what else she wrote. It seems to be gay romance novellas and the world needs a bit of love after the year we've all had. So, curious to see if I click with this (she's written others but this was the story that caught my attention)...

THE FINAL EMPIRE by Brandon Sanderson
Everyone seems to be reading this series. Is it me? Am I the only one not? All the bloggers and vloggers I follow seem to be reading this book or this series and I'm not. Am curious over why everyone is raving about it, but it seems like a long, meaty books and I'm not 100% confident in myself to commit into a series where the small book is over 700 pages-ish long!

This, in most people's eyes, is fantasy at its best. It has a lot of love and respect round this series and I have always wanted to read this. But the fear that I will be the only one going "This is awful" has always kept me back. But I want to see if I could be wrong and I should try to read at least one story set in this world.

...and finally, because this is becoming a long blogpost...

CRUEL BEAUTY by Rosamund Hodge
I'm sorry, but a twisted retelling of Beauty and the Beast? Where the Belle of our story has been raised to not only marry the beast but then to kill him? And with that cover? How could I not download a sampler of this!

And that's all. And am now curious on what samplers you have on your eReaders and what you think I should investigate? Leave a comment or tweet me and let me know!!!

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