Friday, 4 November 2011

FATED Cover Reveal

Another day, another cover reveal. And this time, it comes from one of my fave authors of this year, Sarah Alderson. I LOVED Hunting Lila and the news that Sarah is writing this new series, Fated, while writing the Hunting Lila series has got me VERY excited.

And earlier this week, Sarah revealed the UK cover for Fated!

Very different from Hunting Lila, but looks dark. But yeah, can't wait to read this.

EDIT! I made a mistake and both the author and UK publisher got in contact with me and gave me the correct info (the covers were the draft and the actual UK cover, not the UK & US. This is what happened when you TRUST GOOGLE & GOODREADS)! So, if you so this earlier today, IGNORE AND TRUST THE ABOVE INFORMATION!!! Sorry for the confusion & thank you Sarah Addison & Catherine from Simon & Schuster for correcting me!

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  1. *drools*
    Its gorgeous! how did I miss this being announced!? Oh well, I want!