Wednesday 2 November 2011


Am so slow! Sorry, but I only just saw this a few days ago so... yeah...

Yes! The US cover of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS has been revealed and, as most of you know, the author John Green is signing EVERY BOOK in the first print run (preordered mine. BRING ON JANUARY!)

So, what do you guys think? I know that there's a split in NerdFighteria over this cover and I am not going to help much with my opinion. So, here goes. I am in the middle. I like the colours - the blue is striking and I love how simple it is! But, it's kinda too simple. I think this is because so many people did mock-up (at John Green's request) of what The Fault In Our Stars cover was going to be that this has kinda come out of nowhere. And some of the fan covers were awesome!

Also, for quite some time, I thought this was actually going to be cover and John asked us to create cover designs, just to mess with our heads.

But what do you think of the real cover for Fault in Our Stars? I would really like to know. And DFTBA!

PS - on the VlogBrothers youTube channel, John read the first chapter of The Fault of Our Stars. If, like me, don't want to hear it, DON'T CLICK PLAY! If you do, GO FOR IT!

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  1. I actually came over to see what you had to say about this cover, because of the debates going on. I love its simplicity, but it also shows conflict with the stormy black cloud and the fluffy white cloud.

    did you hear what the competition has prompted? The publisher has agreed to use a cover designed by a nerdfighter for the re-print of Looking for Alaska (I think it was that one).