Tuesday 22 November 2011

LoveFood - All Things Sweet!

Day 2 of this week's LoveFood and here we have Laura aka SisterSpooky (this is her blog! Ta-Dah!). She was so kind and did a YouTube video where she chatted about food and all this sweet!

Thank you Laura! So very kind of you!


  1. You have really thought about this a lot, haven't you! LOL

  2. I wish we had those candies here--some of them sound really interesting (especially the acid ones and the black currant ones, as we have nothing flavored like that over here). Candy swap? ;D

  3. haha I love your video Laura! :D I have never really thought about it but I can definitely tell you that juicy fruits of any kind are the devil when it comes to snacks whilst reading. I got orange all over my book the other day :( x