Tuesday, 28 February 2012

GoodRead - Cat Calls & Haunted Love

One quick review, two free e-short stories from the pen of Cynthia Leitich Smith (someone I hadn't read nor do I know - and that must come as a shock to most of my friends seeing as I, to them, know so much about YA!), author of the Tantalize series.

Cat Calls follows the story of Tiffany helping out her grandmother, Granny Z's fortune telling booth. While Haunted Love, Cody has to look after an old movie theater that's haunted...

Both of these were fast reads, which is okay if you have 45 minutes to kill on each story. But both lack substance, in my opinion. This might be the style that Cynthia writes with, but I doubt that as, with Haunted Love, you got a sneaky peek of the fourth book in her Tantalize series, Diobolical, and I found this more intriguing than the stories themselves. It felt there there was more depth to them, whereas with Cat Calls and Haunted Love, it had some but not enough or the depth was lost at the end and I felt a bit "Oh. Is that it? Really?"

Out of the two, I preferred Haunted Love but I'm not entirely certain if this was my cup of tea or not. These short stories are very much for the fans of Cynthia Leitich Smith and her Tantalize series. As for me, while I enjoyed the fastness I read them, I think I might have to read one of her novels before I past judgement. But, guys, if you are a Cynthia Leitich Smith fan, you would want these in your life...


  1. Ooh I have Haunted Love too! I didn't realise she had two free short stories available. So I will check that out.

  2. What?? I'm a fan of CLS, and I had no idea she had these short stories were out there - I swear everytime I visit your site or your goodreads profile I learn something new! I will have to check these out, soon!

    1. You do the same for me when I listen to your podcasts! We help each other out on the book front! Always a bonus!