Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sarah Adderson & Girltank (aka Catching Suki)

Earlier today, I received the following from Sarah Adderson, author of Hunting Lila and Fated. She asked if I could promote this and, yeah, am going to do it now.


I was asked by a charity called Girltank that supports young girl change makers across the globe if I might be able to support them in some way and, because kick ass girls are my favourite sort of girl, and because I'm passionate about social change and empowering young women I jumped at the chance.

We came up with the idea of using Catching Suki to help raise awareness of their goal - which is to find 10,000 young women social entrepreneurs, innovators and heroes in 100 days.

So to download your free copy of CATCHING SUKI (a short story from Suki's POV) for FREE (for a limited time only) all you need to do is go here

...and sign up to nominate either yourself or someone you know who is making change happen in the world...(could be a school project, could be something they're doing in their community to make life better for other people)...

The director of Girltank says...

'We want to show the world that young women from every region of the planet are making powerful contributions to society and leading social change. We want to tell your stories!

So send us the names of the best examples of young women innovators from Chicago to Hong Kong to Capetown to Buenos Aires. Then spread the word to your networks!

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