Wednesday, 29 February 2012

GoodRead - The Tiny Wife

I saw this, randomly, one day in my local Waterstones. I don't really know why it count my eye. But I picked it up, skimmed the back, saw the price (£10) and, out of impulse, checked how much it would cost to buy and read on my kindle. After seeing the price for this novella (99p), I bought it and read, on and off, for several days.

What would happen if a robber burst into a bank and, instead of robbing it, he took an item of sentimental value from each person in the bank and, after that, the victims of this robbery started noticing that strange things are happening to them? Like finding God under the sofa? Or having your lion tattoo jump off your skin and chase you through the town? Or you wake up and discover your husband has turned into a snowman? Or, in Stacey Hinterland case, start to shrink, a little every day...

This has been classed as a modern-day fable and I can see why. It is short (80 pages according to Amazon) and there are simple (yet lovely) illustrations. The story is whimsical. However, some of you guys might think it's a bit too whimsical and, this feels like a fairy tale, I couldn't really figure out what the morale was (according to the review of Amazon, it's about taking life for granted).

If you want a fairy tale-like story to get you in the mood for all the fairy tale TV shows and films that will be coming our way, this might be up your street. But I would suggest going for the eBook version as it's cheaper than the real book!


  1. I really want to read this one but the price has put me off too! I might have to check it on kindle too, Sounds like its a good one! :)

    1. I would say go for eBook version. It's cheaper and as it's a fast read, it won't use up too much for the eReader's memory...

  2. I've read a couple of books by Kaufman (inc this one) and I really like his quirky writing style.