Thursday, 16 February 2012

GoodRead - Catching Suki

A few weeks again, I did a quick post on behalf of Sarah Alderson, telling you guys about her free (for a limited time only via GirlTank's Facebook) short story, Catching Suki: a prequel to Hunting Lila.

Demos wants one of his ragtag team to go undercover on The Unit. Enter mind-reader Suki. As she has to get more information (namely from Jack and Alex), will she make a mistake and risk everything?

Now, as you guys know, I LOVE Hunting Lila! And I am itching to get the sequel, Losing Lila so any information is a bonus! And this was very interesting, seeing the set up to when Lila meets Suki. And that was interesting.

I wish there was more about her mind-reading. But that's just me. Always wanting a bit more information. But this will tie me over till Losing Lila.

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