Thursday 20 September 2012

Beautiful Creatures Teaser Trailer!

Yes, I know I haven't read the Beautiful Creatures series, but I am SUPER EXCITED about the movie. I just love the idea of it. And, earlier today/yesterday, the teaser trailer was released!

OH MY GOD! Doesn't it look GREAT?! Sorry friends and family members of mine. We are going to watch this when it comes out! And I look like I have to attack my local bookshop/Amazon for the series (unless Puffin UK would like to treat me... ONLY JOKING, PUFFIN! Will happily buy this myself!). Sorry in advance to my poor bank account/credit card.

Also, it was revealed the poster!

I LOVE how the words Beautiful Creatures is in the same style as used on the US and UK covers!

So, reactions? Do you love the trailer? Or not? Or did you squeal when you heard Florence and the Machine? LEAVE COMMENTS AND LET ME KNOW! 

(Oh, before I sign off, I want to thank Braiden from Book Prode for showing me the trailer & poster and Jeffrey West, Girls in the Stacks and Cass Jay Tucker for hyperventilation with me. And of course, Cass for her reaction video (Jeffrey will do one tomorrow, I hope!). I love Cass's reaction. "OH! THAT'S FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE!" I love her!)


  1. Haha, your welcome!!! But we NEED your reaction video, get to it!

    1. My reaction video? *laughs* I will just be going "Why haven't I read this book yet?!" (I got a copy now so, in the coming weeks...), "EMMA THOMPSON! FLORENCE!" & that wonderful "If she goes dark, will you shut her out too?"

      I think you guys will get a reaction video when the movie comes out! But I can not WAIT for this movie! Looks right up my street! I just hope the movie company do the rest of the series...!