Sunday 9 September 2012

International Contest Time!

Random post guys so bear with.

As you know, at the end of this month, a certain JK Rowling will be publishing her first adult novel. And, somehow, I've been roped in with my lovely pals at Hot Cherry to give away five copies of a parody book based on JK Rowling unpublished novel...

The Vacant Casualty is set in the small country village of Mumford where, shockingly, a man with an axe in his back doesn't raise an eyebrow. But the fact he's left a vacancy at the Parish Council does. Enter Detective Inspector Bradley who is, basically, a buffoon of a man, to try and solve this. When he teams up with an author trying to research a detective novel (hmmm... I wonder who the author based that on?!), the two must solve who the The Vacant Casualty is, before the whole village gets killed off.

And with country being filled with a granny mafia, farting tea-ladies, swearing, casual violence, car chases and tortoise milk, that might be easier said then done...

So, I have five copies of this to give away. It is international (I'm not doing to posting so HURRAY!) and you have till midday on Wednesday 19th September to enter. Three of you will win by filling in the form below and answering the question correct and the other two will go to those of you on Twitter who use the hashtag #TheVacantCasualty...

Good Luck Everyone!

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