Thursday 6 September 2012

GoodRead - Defiance

When Madeleine from Atom asked me if I wanted to take part in the blog tour, I was intrigued over the book and said yes very quickly after I saw the cover. I mean, have you seen it? Very striking, don't you think?

In the city of Baalboden, Rachel waits for the return of her father, a courier, to return from the Wasteland. But when he doesn't, Rachel is forced into the protection of her father's apprentice, Logan. But Rachel knows her father is alive, and plots to escape for the city. Even though the cruel city ruler is watching her, and the dangers of the Wasteland such as violent wanderers and highwaymen, unforgiving terrain and, more terrifying of them all, the Cursed One. 

But if Rachel and Logan could escape the city, could they find Rachel's father? And could they set their people free? 

Right, from the reviews that I have read online, I know that people either love this book (and have said things like "the perfect Hunger Games hangover cure". Atom has compared Defiance to Game of Thrones and say this is perfect for Trudi Canavan and Christopher Paolini fans) or hate this book. I am in the middle. I get why people are so excited over this book - I can see the elements that will make an exciting fantasy trilogy. But I can also see elements of why people are disappointed. 

I'm not sure where I stand on this book. The main reason with this is because... well... I feel like this book lacked something. There was something missing and I can't put my finger on what was missing or why it bothered me so much.

To me, this book feels ok. Just ok, though. Nothing more, nothing less. I do hope that if/when I do read the sequel, I get more that changes my mind. 

And because of this "it's ok"ness, I'm unsure on whether I should go to you guys "Go! Buy this book!" or "Flee from the book for your lives!" as this is my opinion. Mine and mine only. However, I'm going to say read other reviews and make your own minds up. If this book sounds up your street, go for it. Read it. However, if this does feel like something you enjoy, then don't. I want you all to find a book that you will read and love!

Anyway, here's the the book trailer and see if that wets your appetite for those of you who might/are going to read this... 

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