Thursday, 13 September 2012

GoodRead - Maggot Moon

I've moved the review that was meant to be up today to next week as I finished reading this last week and KNEW that I needed to talk about it AT ONCE! But because I am a stupid human that likes some order in my blog (hard to believe, I know!), it's up today.

So, Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner. In an alternative universe, in 1950's, the space race is on and the Motherland is desperate to be the first on the moon. At all costs.

So when his friend Hector vanishes, Standish Treadwell is determined to discover the truth, and so realise that he, his Grandfather and a small band of rebels must stop the Motherland... but how will the moon landing stop them? And can one dyslexic boy make all the difference?

I got my copy of this from when I went the Hot Key Books launch party and, very briefly, chatted to Sally. I met her once before at the Indigo Launch Party when she chatted about her previous novel, Double Shadow (a book I still haven't read). Both times, I have been utterly charmed by this woman and mentally swore I would read her books. I failed. Badly. Sorry Sally! So, when I was about to read another of Hot Key's books (The World Between Us by Lydia Syson), I had Twitter scream at me, "NononoNO! You have to read Maggot Moon! Trust us on this! You need to read this book!". Fine, I thought, and I read Maggot Moon, instead.

I read this over three days. I forced myself to read this over three days as, if I hadn't, I would have read it in one sitting and sobbed my heart out when I finished this book. This book is wonderful! Wonderful and gripping and heart breaking and completely thought-provoking!

I mean that last part about Maggot Moon being thought-provoking. I finished the book around 4:10pm (strange how I remember the time) and I spent the rest of the day just thinking about it and mourning it. I MOURNED FINISHING A BOOK! That rarely happens with me and only a few books have done that. Also, as a book blogger, you can't really do that. You're meant to (or in my case) finish a book, think about it for an hour or two, or start another book. But with Maggot Moon, I spent the rest of the day just thinking it over and going "What happens?" and "what if?". There's a youTube video at the bottom of this post which kinda explains what I went through when finishing this book (I'm still very much in denial over the last chapter...)

Ok, before I go completely gushy over this book, I suppose I better give you some negatives over this book. First, the cover. A lame excuse, I know, but I HATE IT SO MUCH! I don't know why I hate it, but I do, even though I get why the cover's the way it is (it's inspired on 1950s posters). It just doesn't feel like the cover this book deserves, you know? Also, some of you guys won't like the swearing in this book, nor the violence used in this book. There are two scenes of violence that jump to mind, but I feel these are important to show the horror that is the Motherland, but I know some of you will disagree.

Another fault you guys might have is the fact that Standish is dyslexic. Not a big deal, but I know some of you guys are grammar freaks so seeing grammar misused, words the wrong way round, some spelling mistakes [not many, by the way], etc (if this is you, how on EARTH can you stand my blog?) will upset you. But, if you read it like I did, where you imagine Standish sitting next to you and him having a conversation with you, you'll be fine.

I am ashamed that I haven't read Sally Gardner sooner. But am so glad that Maggot Moon was my first and I can not wait to read more of her works! And, Maggot Moon... I don't know how to rave about this book so I won't. Just go. Go get a copy and read it. Please.

Oh, by the way, am still in the stages of "The Aftershock" over this book and, to make me smile a lot more, Hot Key Books actually blogged this video and my tweets of "I need counselling". So, the publisher has shown my grief and heartbreak to the world... You have been warned...


  1. I totally agree with you! I loved this book, I bet it will be a future classic. Although some scenes were disturbing, the ending is beautiful <3 Thanks for the great review :)

  2. This book sounds incredible! I really want to read it.