Sunday 4 January 2015

GoodRead - The Art of Frozen

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I like these types of books. I like reading about how films such as Finding Nemo, Up, The Avengers and Harry Potter got made and the art behind it. So, for Christmas, I asked for two books tackling the art behind the films. The first is about one of my main book/film loves (and with that, am going to take my sweet time over reading it) and the second was this.

The Art of Frozen does exactly what it does on the tin. With a preface from John Lasseter, the creative head of Disney's Animation Studios, and foreward from Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the directors of the movie, this book shows the art of how the movie was made. We had scenes from the storyboard stages, pencil drawings, digital designs, photography among others which showed how Frozen was created.

I love these types of books. I love staring at the pictures and going "Oh, that's cool!" or "I see why this had to be done, because of that!" There are a few scenes I saw in art form where I went "I didn't realise that was the original trail of thought for this movie but am glad they didn't continue with that!"

But I loved reading this and staring at the pretty pictures. Yes, this isn't much of a review, I know that, but I loved reading this and I shall be plotting to watch the movie again soon.

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