Saturday, 17 January 2015

Night School Saturday - Jessica Sargent Chats Night School

So we had the last episode in the current series of Night School: The Web Series. How are we feeling? In shock? Mourning? Or hopeful for a second series *hint hint CJ and Jack hint hint*.

If you haven;'t watched the latest episode, why haven't you? Well, here it is! ENJOY!!!

And because he is awesome, the director Jack Jewers managed to get Jessica Sargent - aka Allie - to answer some questions. And Jessica decided to film herself answering the questions (and Jack was super kind to edit this video for me as I have NO IDEA HOW TO EDIT VIDEOS!). So both Jessica and Jack are great for doing this - thank you both for taking time out to do this for me!

Oh, before I hand you over to Jessica, am going to tell you two things. First, come back tomorrow around the same time as there's going to be another Night School Saturday post... *keeps quiet over what but I think you'll like it*.

And second, if you want to follow Jessica, Jack or CJ Daugherty on Twitter (because they are awesome), please do so at @jessemes, @jackjewers (or @trailer_made) or @CJ_Daugherty.

Now, am going to hand over to Jessica!

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