Saturday 10 January 2015

Night School Saturday - Jodie Hirst Talks About Playing The Dead Girl

Yes, it's another Night School Saturday! Yes, another one. THESE WILL NEVER END (well... until the lovely director Jack says he has nothing more to share with me...)!

If you haven't seen yesterday's episode, All The Pretty Killers, I will pop it down below. There is a HUGE SPOILER in it from the second book in the series, Night School: Legacy, that carries the series forward. So, if you haven't read Legacy, you might want to skip this episode. And this blog post in general. Just covering myself!

Have we seen it? Is it safe to talk?

Ok, well, because Jack is a really nice guy, he asked if I wanted to help promote the Night School: Web Series. I said yes (of course I did, have you not read any of my other Night School Saturday posts?) and Jack got Jodie Hirst - the actress who played Jo in yesterday's episode - to write a tiny blog post for me. And it's on the subject matter I wondered over...

Anyway, before I let Jodie take over my little blog, I want you guys to share the kindness and love. If you want to follow Jodie, Jack or CJ Daughtery on Twitter, you can go and follow them at @BlondeBob24@JackJewers (or @trailer_made) & @CJ_Daugherty.

Ok, Jodie, all yours!

“So you’re playing a dead girl?” enquire all my friends. Blunt, to the point, but true.

Not one to back down from a challenge I wanted to convince the audience that I was alive, not only to make the ending all the more poignant, but to show that even in death you can still have a big influence on those you leave behind.

I can relate to Jo (apart from the being dead part!) in the way we can both talk to anyone, we like to please people and can also be a tiny bit mischievous (we all like skinny dipping, right?!)

Jo and Allie’s relationship from the start is one that many girls can relate to. Jo takes her under her wing and through all the highs and lows (and there have been a few) they still remain firm friends, and, in a time of need who does Allie turn to? Me!

The location for my episode of Night School : The Web Series is beautiful and adds to the dreamlike nature of this narrative. The scene which sees Allie running to Jo is on top of a hill overlooking a gorgeous Surrey landscape. However, it may be a little tainted as I believe there’s still a bit of fake blood up there!

Talking of blood, there’s just a bit in this episode... What fun that was to play with! Who wouldn’t want to ruin a gorgeous dress? Oops! I’m pretty sure we have some funny outtakes of that scene; you may get to see them soon!

What a privilege to have been given the opportunity to play this beautiful character. She has so much depth and grace and I hope that the Night School fans think I have done her justice.

As for a second series? Oh yes, even a dead girl can come back more than once!  

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