Tuesday 20 January 2015

If I Made The Movie Soundtrack of... BROKEN

So, my second trial blogpost in this idea over making a movie soundtrack for a book I like. Today, it's Broken by AE Rought. My first was Night School by CJ Daugherty (not read/listen to that blogpost? Here you go and I hope you're enjoy the music).

Anyway, Broken. When I beta-read Tainted (the sequel to Broken) and a few other odds and ends, I would always send music back with my edits (mainly Delta Goodrem). So, when I thought of this idea (I blame Patrick Ness!), this book was a very natural choice for me.

Unlike Night School, where I struggled till I realised to go for the characters and what would be on their iPods, I knew the theme I wanted for Broken. The theme of forboding, grief and heartbreak. Of course, I want nice, hopeful songs (and they can be new exclusive songs), but I wanted something much darker with Broken. And once I got going on this list, the music style changed but I still went for songs which had a dark undertone.

Now, I chatted to AE Rought on Twitter and Pinterest and we have exchanged music (we have very similar tastes) so I won't go too in depth and give you a LONG list so am only going to show a few songs. If I showed you the long list the author and I created, you would be VERY AFRAID!

So, yes... here we go! I hope you like these songs choices...

"SECRET SMILE" by Semisonic
When I read this book, this was the song that stuck in my head (and my old iPod) and I still think this song is very important to this book. You can't escape a classic. But I do think the tone of this song fits very neatly with the themes and tones of the story...

"JUST BE" by Paloma Faith
An odd choice - it's a love song. So why have it here? Well, I think this would be perfect for two reasons. First, it could be Emma and Daniel's song - every couple has a "song". And second, after the events with what happened with Daniel, this love song takes a heartbreaking turn. I could easily see a scene when Emma listen to this song and lost it emotionally.

I think the title said it all, really. No really, it does. Plus, I think in this song, Paloma Faith nails heartbreak perfectly...

"IMMORTAL" by Marina and the Diamonds
I love Marina and the Diamonds. I'm not going to bother hiding it as I think you guys know that. But I think this song is perfect for Broken. It's that foreboding that I love so much!

"FEEL ME" by Mecca Kalani
Ok, this is a curveball! Really, it is! I randomly pinned on Pinterest this song to AE Rought, thinking she'll like it. But I got such a strong reaction from her, I felt I had to pop this on the list. It has my main rule of foreboding, but there is a sexy edge to it as well. Plus, this singer has a wonderful voice, doesn't she?

"YOURS" by Ella Henderson
I wanted something really emotional. Something that, when placed in the movie, could make people cry but, placed again in another scene, is romantic. And after hearing/seeing this on radio/TV (Hollyoaks?), I found this song and I think it'll fit perfectly with both the story and Emma's emotional story...

"FOR YOU" by Angus and Julia Stone
I love my weird emotional songs. And with this song, I sense the first verse and the instrumental (this starts around three and a half minute mark) could be really powerful to reflect the emotion that Emma feels throughout the course of the story.

So, yes. I have weird music choice for this soundtrack if this book was made into a movie. But what do you think? Do you agree with the song choices? Or do you think you have a perfect song that I need to listen to (I love discovering new - well, new to me - music!).

The next (and final blogpost in this trial) will be A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness...

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  1. *sniffle* Some of these are so perfect! "Yours" really has that 'it' factor doesn't it? I'm not sure what it is about "Feel Me" but I lovelovelove it.