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Night School Saturday - Q&A With Campbell Challis

So, have we all recovered from Night School: The Web Series airing its finale episode on Friday? And have we recovered over Jessica's interview yesterday? Can we talk about it? ... what do you mean "No, I haven't see it yet...". You know the drill - go to and watch it. And if you haven't watched Jessica chatting all things Allie, you can check out yesterday's blog post or hope over to youTube and watch her there...

Anyway, you can stay as this post as I want to take you back. Back in time! Well, till a few weeks ago (ok, last year!) when the second episode in the series, The Other One, was aired. Not seen it? Let me leave it here for you to watch (or swoon - either is good with us...)

Watched it? Have you recovered from Carter's half-nakedness? Well, the lovely director of Night School: The Web Series, Jack Jewers, emailed me and asked if I wanted to be involved to showing off the series. No brainer, like I said last week (and the week before. And the week before that. And before that...). So when Jack asked if there was anyone I fancied doing a small Q&A with, Campbell Challis was one of my first choices. And Jack was awesome enough to get Campbell to answer some question.

So, my huge thank you goes to Jack for getting Campbell to answer these questions (you're cool) and a super thank you to Campbell who took time out from his backpacking trip in the exotic location of Thailand (BACKPACKING IN THAILAND! THAILAND!!! And he answered my little questions!!!). But thank you Campbell!

Now, before I throw this over to Campbell, I want to share the love so, if you want to follow Campbell, Jack or CJ Daughtery on Twitter, you can go and follow them at @OrignalWayfarer, @JackJewers (or @trailer_made) & @CJ_Daugherty. Now, let's get some answers from Campbell, shall we...?

Campbell, thank you for answering a few questions on my blog. Before we go any further, let's get this one out of the way first: Had you read the Night School series before starring in the web series? If you have, what's your reaction to the series and, dare I ask, what's your favourite book?
Hello, it's my pleasure to answer your questions.

The answer is no, I hadn't read any night school books before becoming carter..., In fact I hadn't even heard of night school until I was sat in a coffee Shop with CJ and Jack! It was on that fateful day CJ handed me a copy of Legacy... So I suppose that remains my personal favourite. And I have only great things to say about the series... I suppose for me it's helps me to gain a better understanding of Carter and his relationships with the other characters on a much deeper level.

Tell us how you got the part of Carter for Night School: The Web Series?
My acting agent emailed me basically saying that I had to go and meet a couple of strangers for a coffee in Surrey. I thought... "Hmmm sounds interesting", so I went along to Cafe Nero in Farnham and there I met Jack and CJ. We had a bit of a chat and talked a bit about Night School, then Jack asked me to give my most smouldering stare, he then said "If you shave your beard off, you can be Carter!". So that was that. And aside from making book trailers and web series's, we've become good friends!

Now, eagle eyed viewers will know that you play Carter in all Night School's book trailers. What was it like going from filming book trailers to filming a web series?
It was a really great transition, because we already knew the characters, so all we had to do was throw in a bit of dialogue and we were off the ground! Aside from that it was fantastic news because it meant more days filming with everyone which is always a blast!

Carter was only in one episode of this series - The Other One. How did feel about having one episode to make the viewer understand Carter, who is quite a complex character in the book series?
I'm so pleased that Carter could have the opportunity to explain things a bit, and that's exactly what the episode "The Other One" did; it gave Carter the time to let the audience know exactly who he was and where he was at in terms of everything. As you mentioned, Carter is a very complex character and I think that really comes across in the speech during the episode. It was also the first time Carter says any dialogue in terms of book trailers and web series's, so it gave me the opportunity to really get into his shoes.

With the fandom have very strong feelings over whether Allie should be with Carter or love rival Sylvain, did you feel pressure to make Carter win over the viewers? Especially with the "We had something once. But I blew it" line?
I wouldn't say I felt pressure, but there is always a bit of healthy rivalry between Sylvain and Cater. But other than that, the rest is up to CJ. The "I blow it", line almost makes cater more desirable for the viewers.

Now, I don't think anyone noticed but you were shirtless in The Other One. Were you ok with this or did you find filming those scenes quite challenging?
Haha...! I thoroughly enjoyed filming those topless scenes... Aside from feeling liberated, it was a warm October, and running around in a hoodie all day got pretty hot. So when it was suggested that I took some clothes off, I was very happy!

Speaking of scenes, were they any scenes that you enjoyed filming?
I really enjoyed shooting all the scenes but if I had to pick out one scene it would have to be all the running shots. I'm an avid runner in my spare time so it was really cool being filmed sprinting around the Surrey countryside. The other crazy thing is that Tom Blount... The camera man, (who also plays Gabe) had to run with me.... But with a very heavy, very expensive Camera!

What was it like working with CJ Daughtery and Jack Jewers?
Honestly working with Jack and CJ is so so much fun, we always have a great laugh and get some great material at the end of the day. From an actors perspective, Jack is a great director to work with as he makes you feel comfortable with everything, you don't feel pressured into fitting into a box ... You are just free to give your perspective on the character. The really cool thing is also that CJ gives her author's input which is pretty essential considering she made Night School! And the best part is that they are married! It's literally a match made in heaven!

If CJ Daughtery and Jack Jewers decided to do a second series of Night School, what would you like them to do with Allie? Is there any stories or scenes that you would like to tackle? 
I think I would like to see a bit more Bad Allie!, like what we saw in "Flashback". I want to see more of Allie's dark side come out, also maybe a bit more of .... Dare I say it... Sylvian and Allie just to shake it up a bit! But who knows what might come next..., It's all up to CJ I suppose 

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