Thursday, 8 January 2015

If I Made The Movie Soundtrack For...

OK, this is an idea I've been sitting on for a the past few weeks. I love books and I love music. And I love it when I read/hear news that a book I like or love it getting turned into a movie.

Now, I was thinking a while ago over A Monster Calls a few weeks ago and I started thinking about the soundtrack. To me, the soundtrack has to reflect the movie and the book, but stand on its own two feet. And I had a wave of ideas hit me - what if this artists did a song for this moment? What if they did an instrumental? What if? What if? What if?

Normally, ideas like this usually go away, but this one won't. So, to give into my curiosity, I'm going to try it out. Only on 3 novels - ok, 2 novels and a series. So, for the next few weeks, am going to put on post up where, in my head, these books have been turned into movies (well, one is but SHHH!) and I am in charge on the movie soundtrack. What sound would I go for? What artists? What songs?

I'm doing this as a trail. If I like doing them, I will probably do more, but I just want to see if I like them. IF being the important word here.

As I'm still figuring out when/how am going to do this trail, I might as well tell you the books that have caught my attention on this idea of mine. They are...

Yeah... an odd mix but I hope I can give you a nice mix of music (and remember, this is a trail idea and this is going to be MY OPINION). Ok, now I said and posted this, let's get my rear in gear and boot up my iTunes!

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  1. I love the idea! When I write, I have to have music, so I love when readers tell me, "this scene made me think of this song." Very cool Very cool.