Sunday 25 January 2015

GoodRead - The Collectors

Late last year, announced that they were going to release an short audiobook to all their members for free as an early Christmas treat. As I wasn't a monthly member (I just buy audiobooks as and when I want an audiobook), I sadly didn't get this. However, after Christmas, the audiobook was released to everyone to buy for a small price of £1.99 and, only I discovered this, I got it and decided to blitz it one afternoon.

In the world of His Dark Materials (but not set in Lyra's world) and set around 50 odd years prior to the events of the His Dark Materials, it follows Horley and Grinstead who, in the Senior Common Room in an Oxford college one dark winter night. They talk about two pieces of art, both of which seem to be connected in mysterious ways.

Now, this is my first listen so this is my instant reaction. But I get the feeling that this might multiply listens.

But, if I am honest with you, I felt like I had read this before. It has the feel of The Man in the Picture by Susan Hill (my review for that book is here), and while it touches briefly on the worlds of His Dark Materials, it isn't important to have read the series.

I think I am a tad let down because I thought this would give us a greater insight over Mrs Coulter but it was only brushed upon.

While it was a nice story (I love Bill Nighty narrating the story), but I do feel like I have read it before with The Man In The Picture.

But like I said, this will need a few relistens. I shall come back to you on this one, I think...

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