Wednesday, 29 June 2011

GoodRead - Go The F*** To Sleep (Audiobook)

I have no idea how I came across this. I have a sneaky feeling that I read about this on DigitalSpy, saying that Samuel L Jackson was reading this and, because of this, Audible was giving this away from free for a short period of time (still going on - just checked, but I have no idea when it finishes so, if you want it, go now and get it!)

This short audiobook (just under seven minutes and one of those minutes is Samuel explaining why he wanted to read this audiobook, so that makes it under 6) is told for a parent's point of view of trying to put his baby/toddler to sleep. And they're aren't having it. So, the parent getting more and more desperate…

How do I explain this? It's children's bedtime story - for the parents. Oh yes, it's DEFINTELY for adults! Don't ever read or let your children to this, unless you want that awkward conversation of "Mummy/Daddy, what does **** mean?".

Now, I don't know many people with kids, but as I listened to this, I easily thought "Oh, I'm going to be like this when I have a child" or "My parents must have thought this when I was little". I know one or two people (family and friends) who are going to have a baby soon and I thought "Oh no! They have this to come. Should I warn them?"

Now, Samuel L Jackson. Am going to be honest here, when I first heard this news, I thought "Really?" but after listening to the story, I think he was perfect. The further along you get within the story, the more frantic he became on wanting/begging/pleading with the child to go to sleep and I can imagine nearly every mum and dad having this problem and feeling this desperate.

A funny and real story about bedtime for the parents. Oh, look, is it bedtime already…

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