Thursday 23 June 2011

PotterMore Is...

Was your theory right? Well, I was wrong.

Just LITERALLY seen the video and am reading articles from the BBC, The Guardian (that has two articles, both very interesting - here and here) My Favourite Books (go there! They have a press release and TONS of details!) and a few other places so, from what I can gathering is this:

1. It's the ONLY place to get eBooks and digital audiobooks of all Harry Potter books.
2. It will give further information that didn't appear in the books (ie the time Professor McGonagall fell in love with a a Muggle as a young woman)
3. It's an Online Game where you go to Hogwarts, get sorted, get a wand and get points for your House. So you "interactive" with events that happen in the series.
4. JK Rowling will pop up every now and then to play and chat.

The site - - will be open on the 31st July (Harry's & JK's birthdays) so you can register (some lucky people will win the chance to play with site EARLY) before it OFFICIALLY opens in October.

So, reactions! Do you like this or are you feeling a bit deflated? Is this a wonderful idea or was it a case of (as Sya from Mountains of Instead called it) Harry Potter and the AntiClimax?

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