Saturday 25 June 2011

GoodRead - Kisscut (Audiobook)

I've known about this book and this author, Karen Slaughter, for quite some time. I was fiirst aware of this book one holiday at Center Parcs and I had nothing to read. I was torn between this and Terry Pratchett's Night Watch. Bought Terry Pratchett - and I never finished the book. But I always wondered if I would like this book...

So, on a random impulse, I bought the audiobook and listen to it while I was at work. Maybe not my busy idea seeing as the story tackles some dark subject matter.

Kisscut starts with a shock. A teenager girl pointing a gun at a young man in a skating rink car park. Detective Jeffrey Tolliver has to shoot her to save his life, but when the events that unfold from this event are more terrifying than what he or Sara Linton (the town's medical examiner and paediatrician) could possible imagine.

And while this is, police officer Lena Adams is still trying to come to terms with the events that happened to her in the previous novel, Blindsighted. But can she?

Now, this is an adult crime novel - and I love reading and listening to crime stories. I wouldn't call it my guilty pleasure, but I do like a good crime story to get my teeth in. And this is very adult, not because of the use of language but because of how dark this story got. What started as a teenager with a girl turns into a dark, twisted story of child abuse and areas where I usually start away from when I choose to read books.

Now, I thought this was a really good crime book. Crime novels need to make me feel uncomfortable and squirm in my chair a little bit and Kisscut did. After finishing the audiobook, I was so freaked out by it, I had to listen to a ton of Florence and the Machine to calm my heart-rate down!

And as for the reader, Patricia Kalember, she caught the story perfectly. She got the accent right and not once did I go "She's bored reading this story". I loved her voice while listening to this story and the fact that she doesn't do any other Karin Slaughter audiobooks make me a bit sad. I can't imagine anyone else reading these stories but her.

So, if you like your crime dark and will make you uncomfortable (this book is NOT for the faint-hearted), this book is you, although with Lena Adams story, you will need to read Blindsighted to know what's going on, but you get the idea pretty quick.

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