Thursday, 9 June 2011

GoodRead - Summer's Crossing

As some of you guys knows, I haven't read the Iron Fey trilogy by Julie Kagawa. I do have a copy of the first book - The Iron King - but this keeps getting pushed further and further down in my ToBeRead pile - but I had the first eBook Winter Passage (the story between book 1 and 2) and I read that, liking it quite a bit.

So, Summer's Crossing. This story comes after the third book in the series - The Iron Queen - and the newly-revealed fourth book, The Iron Knight. So, if you have read the first three books, this is a bridge between the Iron Queen and the Iron Knight.

Summer's Crossing is a story told from Puck's point of view and, with the Winter Prince Ash, they must granted one last favor (fairies are BIG on their favors) forcing the prince to a place he cannot go without Puck's help — into the heart of the Summer Court. And, with this, Puck faces the ultimate choice — betray Ash and possibly win the girl they both love, or help the Winter Prince - his frienemy - pull off the biggest deception he will ever pull...?

Now, after the whole drama of trying to get the story onto my Kindle (and I have to thank Matt from Teen Librarian for a lot of help on that front!), it took a while to get my head round all the characters. But seeing as I haven't read the rest of the books in the series, that's understandable. But once the story got going, it became interesting.

But, I didn't connect with it. It was the last chapter which laid down the fountains for the Iron Knight, that held my attention. Now, I know that this series has bases in Shakespeare plays, but this ending with a Shakespeare play that I studied in school and quite like. So, for this, I would be interested to read Iron Knight. But, saying that, after reading Winter's Passage, I wanted to read the following book, The Iron Daughter.

But I think I prefer Winter's Passage, but I do want to read Iron Knight. Anyone know when that's out in the UK?

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  1. Wait, wait, wait. Hold the phone, Mister. You aren't JUST going to read The Iron Knight, are you? Because there are all sorts of plot twists and important events that happen in the first two books. It's actually one of my favorite series (the books are WAY better than the short stories.) I've got my eye on you! *sends spy to UK*