Tuesday 22 January 2019

Audible Never-Ending Wish List

I like listening to audiobooks. At the time I'm writing this, I am slowly working my way through Becoming by Michelle Obama (and am going slowly as am savouring it). But am going through a bit of funk with Audible. Again, at the time of writing this, I have three Audible credits I haven't used (four by the time you're reading this). You would think I would have gone to the audiobooks I have on my wish list and bought a few of them with my credits. But I haven't. For one excuse or another, I haven't.

But I want to chat to you about some of the audiobooks that are on my wishlist. Not all, but some. Five, maybe 6 at a push. Plus, reference one or two audiobooks that I loved (Circe by Madeline Miller is a good one. I adore that audiobook so much, I'm planning to buy the physical copy) and chat about why they are on my wishlist or are going to be removed from it sooner rather than later...

So, let's get this audiobook party started.

This has been on here the longest and the main reason this is here is because I thoroughly enjoyed reading Every Heart A Doorway, the first novella in the Wayward Children series. I don't really have much interest in reading or listening to the second companion installment in the series, Down Among The Sticks and Bones, but I am intrigued on this one. So, why not get this, I hear you ask? Well, it's the length and price. I can't excuse to myself why to buy this for an audiobook shorter than 5 hours... It's a stupid reason, I know, and I know I will really enjoy myself, but I want to use my credits on an audiobooks that have a bit more meat on their bones...

SLEEPING MURDER by Agatha Christie
I have several Agatha Christie on my wish list. And you can blame me rediscover her last year when I read The Mystery of the Three Quarter via NetGalley and then me hammering out The Murder of Roger Ackroydd and And Then There Were None. And reading/audiobooking these made me go "I want to read more crime/thriller in 2019". And this is one of the main Agatha Christies that I want to read or audiobook in 2019. I'm not 100% sure why, but I like the book's premise idea - a woman buying a house, only for her to remember things that can't be possible. Has she been there before? I know I will read/audiobook this sometime in 2019... Although, not sure which, but I am leaning more Marple than Poirot...

THE CHEMIST by Stephenie Meyer
Out of all the audiobooks on my wishlist, this is the one I am 95% certain I will get with one of my credits. I did start reading this when the book first came out. Got to around 100 pages then got sidetracked and never returned to it. And then, when I wanted to go back to it, I realised I donated my hardback of this to a charity shop. Whoops to my scatterbrain! But I think audiobooking Stephenie Meyer's adult novels might work for me as I did this with The Host and that was my way into that book so I think audiobooking this will be my way to go. Plus, it sounds right up my street, audiobook wise...

SABRIEL by Garth Nix
I know. I know what you are going to say, dear reader. This is one of my fave books ever. And it is. I own this in hardback and I did have an audiobook version of this years ago. But it was on cassette. But TIM CURRY READING THIS IS WONDERFUL AND I WANT IT BACK!!! Plus, Tiny Curry doing Mogget is wonderful!

SCYTHE by Neal Shusterman
I have been wanting to read this since I first heard of it. A world where people have conquered death and, because of this, certain people are trained in "the art of death" to help the balance. But, it kinda intimates me a little and I didn't realise this was an audiobook till a week or two before writing this post. I am fairly certain I will get this, as everyone I know who has read or audiobook this really enjoyed the book and its sequel, Thunderhead. So I am intrigued...

It seems that I missed the most of the hype of this. If I had been caught up with this, I would have read or listened to this at the time. In theory, I should like this. It's teen, historical with an element of murder and mystery. Plus, with a hint of Jack the Ripper and praise from James Patterson (who I have a confusing reading relationship with). But... there's something about this that makes me hesitant. It doesn't help that, the several times I have listened to the sampler, I can't warm to the narrator. But I am curious over this title... maybe one day... but not yet. There are other titles that call to me...

And am going to stop here! I could go on and on with my list and discover more titles that make me go "OOOOH!" over. Maybe I should do another one of these types of post in the future. But this was fun as it made me go "Ok, I should listen to this."

What audiobook do you think I should check out? Leave your comments down below and I will have a listen for anything that catches my ears...


  1. OK so a few of these are on my wishlist too!
    I ended up getting Stalking Jack the Ripper but it was a DNF. I might give it another chance at some point, but it wasn't for me at the time.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

  2. I only recently got back into audiobooks. I'm currently listening to Cold Days by Jim Butcher (narrated by James Masters). It's this series (The Dresden Files) which started me off with audiobooks in the first place.