Friday 18 January 2019

His Fair Assassin Mood Board Week - Courting Darkness

So... here we are. The last day of my His Fair Assassin mood board week. Though, technically, this isn't a His Fair Assassin book. This, while set in the same world and follows one of the characters we have earlier met, this is the first book in a new duology, Courting Darkness.

No cover, I hear you ask? Well, keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter (@PewterWolf) and on the lovely twitter of Kate at @katelovescolour as we might be showing off the cover of Courting Darkness on Friday 25th, maybe... (keep eyes peeled on Andersen Press's twitter as well. They are at @AndersenPress)

And seeing as I - and a good chuck on readers I love and trust - haven't read this yet, I am going in blind with this mood board and, because of this, this was the hardest mood board to create. I wanted something striking yet...

But before I explain myself more, let's show you the synopsis and all the stupid affiliate links (humour me as am doing this as experiment)...
When Sybella accompanies the Duchess of Brittany to France, she expects trouble, but she isn’t expecting a deadly trap. Surrounded by enemies both known and unknown, Sybella searches for the undercover assassins from the convent of St. Mortain who were placed in the French court years ago.

Genevieve has been undercover for so many years, she no longer knows who she is or what she’s supposed to be fighting for. When she discovers a hidden prisoner who may be of importance, she takes matters into her own hands.

As these two worlds collide, the fate of the Duchess, Brittany, and everything Sybella and Genevieve have come to love hangs in the balance.
(Book can be bought at Book Depository, Foyles, Waterstones and Audible)

Like I said earlier, this was the hardest mood board to create as I had so little to go on. But, at the same time, I could go a little more loose with what I knew. I knew we had two female leads in two different places in their lives. But after there... I kinda went a bit nuts.

There were two pictures I wanted to use but decided (for one reason or other) not to use. But I feel like I should show you, just because I want to show you my thinking. Plus, this is my blog and I can do what I fancy on here...

Am not going to explain why I kept coming back to these two images or why I decided not to use them. But I hope these give a good vibe of what I hope this book will be once I find time to read Courting Darkness and the rest of the His Fair Assassin trilogy.

This was weirdly fun! Maybe I should do this for my other main reading series of 2019 - maybe... let me have a little time out before I dive back in. But I want to thank Layla at Andersen Press for chatting to me over this series and going "Oh, that sounds like fun" when I wondered via email over doing something like this for this series. Hopefully, by the time you're reading this, I shall be reading something within this series and will be chatting about it sometime next month. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!!!

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