Wednesday 2 January 2019

The Year of Blood and Magic Begins...

HAPPY 2019 EVERYONE!!! All of you enjoying the new year so far...?

So, I will be back properly some time in the next 7 days (had to move one or two things about for guest posts... don't ask) but I wanted to tell you guys my plan for The Pewter Wolf this year. Actually, it's not really a plan but a reading challenge, and I am so weirdly excited over it that I started writing this plan on scraps of paper back in August/September of last year!

So, what is my reading challenge this year, I hear no one ask (if you did ask, you are special and have a tiny spot in my heart). Well, 2019 is going to be my Year of Blood and Magic!

Basically, Year of Blood and Magic is going to be the year I focus mainly on reading two genres that I love and want to spend more time reading: fantasy and crime/thrillers. (or, as I chatted to a book blogger pal of mine a few months back, dragons and murder!)

Yes, I know I read a lot of fantasy and I read books that have a crime/thriller element in them but I want to widen my horizons with these genres. Age up, read in different genres, read stories in different styles. Basically, I want to widen my reading horizons and I feel that these genres, though I love them hugely, I read very little within them. Hence why I wanted to focus on them more this year.

Yes, I am still going to read within other genres (if I read solely within these two genres, I think I would go crazy!), so don't worry too much about that!

Now, I was going to say I have rules or conditions to this but I decided to scrap them - kinda. What's the point? I want to read books and audiobooks because they grab me and I want to read/listen to fun. I do think, maybe, I will make myself read a few more Agatha Christie/Sookie Stackhouse/Terry Pratchett but, barring that, nope. No rules.

The reason for my kinda is because I have two series I've decided I want to try and read this year. I am going to talk about them both in a later post but they both fit very nicely in my Blood and Magic...

And another reason for the "No Rules" thing is because I'm in two minds about the future of The Pewter Wolf - not sure if I want to make 2019/2020 my last years of blogging so I don't want that pressure. I want to bring the fun back. If I go silent on here for several weeks, so be it.

Now, I do hope you come along for the ride. Now, I can't guarantee that am going to succeed but am going to try, and hopefully, these will be a nice clue to the direction I want to go...

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  1. You've got a great looking selection of books lined up there!